Mr. Connolly has provided counsel for clients with Transactions involving; Real Estate Development, Entity Formation, Title Insurance, Entitlement issues, Permits, Code Compliance, Asset Purchase Agreements, Consulting Agreements, NDA's, Purchase, Sale and Leases of Commercial and Residential Property.

Mr. Connolly has served as a Court Appointed Trustee for multiple estates and Probate proceedings. 

As a Trial Lawyer, Mr. Connolly has represented clients in Litigation concerning; Easements, Right of Way, Inverse Condemnation, Public Entity Liability, Adverse Possession, Adjoining Landowners, HOA's, Probate, Trustee Liability, Elder Abuse,Premises Liability, Personal Injury, Insurance Claims, Landlord-Tenant, Broker-Agent Liability, Fraud, Breach of Contract, Unfair Business Practices, Accounting, Quiet Title, Specific Performance and Injunctive Relief.


Christopher J. Connolly, Esq. has represented Individuals, Developers, Contractors, Brokers, Agents, Landlords, Tenants, Corporations, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Trusts, Estates, Homeowner Associations, Homeowners, Businesses, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs and other Lawyers in both Transactions and Litigation.


Christopher J. Connolly Esq. has over 30+ years of experience representing clients in Jury Trials, Bench Trials, Arbitrations, Mediations and Settlement Conferences. Mr. Connolly has presented cases before San Diego, Orange County, Alameda, San Francisco, Placer County Superior Courts, the Fourth District Court Of Appeal and Southern, Eastern and Central District Court of the United States. Mr. Connolly has served as a Court Appointed Trustee and served as a Settlement Judge Pro Tem in San Diego Superior Court.